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Canton de Neuchâtel


Canton of Neuchâtel


Precision – Imagination – Innovation – Reliability – Trust


Member of:







The Canton of Neuchâtel is very well located in Western Europe with fast and easy access to key European cities. It offers a high quality of life at a competitive cost.


The Canton of Neuchâtel offers a dynamic work environment due to its long history and openness to foreign cultures and markets.


The Canton of Neuchâtel has acquired several strong distinctive competencies deriving from its local culture and its traditional industry namely watchmaking. These competencies have allowed the development of a strong industrial web which is extremely rich in subcontractors and suppliers, manufacturers and assemblers and distributors






Key facts


Population:               172,000 inhabitants


Surface:                   803,000 square meters


Official language:     French


Cantonal capital:      Neuchâtel (32,800 inhabitants)


Other major cities:   La Chaux-de-Fonds (37,600 inhabitants)


                                 Le Locle (10,100 inhabitants)


Leisure and culture


The university town of Neuchâtel lies on the northern shore of the eponymous lake. The medieval core of the town, the castle and the Collegiale church built in the Gothic style in the Middle Ages, a Reformed Church lend Neuenburg its characteristic charm.

The Museum of Art and History in the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of the Fine Arts) exhibits the automaton collection of Jacquet-Droz. The Laténium is the largest archaeological museum in Switzerland and exhibits over 50,000 years of regional history.

With a surface area of 217 km2 the Lake of Neuchâtel is an invitation to relaxation and water activities on approximately 15 km of accessible shores, beaches, picnic areas and exclusively pedestrian and cycling paths.

The art of celebrating is carefully cultivated. All kinds of festivals are dedicated to wine harvest, fantasy film and street music, as well as a few magnificent antique fairs.

A must in Watch Valley, the Neuchâtel Mountains offer a collection of wonders of precision set in the magnificent International Watchmaking Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds and the Château des Monts Watch Museum in Le Locle.

The charming and wild banks of the river Doubs, the lake Les Taillères turning into a natural ice rink when winter comes, the Jura range all very round in forms are many places that ensure a total change of scenery. The region is also a paradise for sportsmen with a wide choice of activities as swimming, skiing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, canoeing, hockey playing, skating, rock climbing, golfing and horse riding.






The canton of Neuchâtel has 11 main clusters of whom 7 of international importance


In the Watchmaking and the luxury goods industry,the canton of Neuchâtel counts about 48 manufactures and about 70 subcontractors among which:


  • Cartier specialized in jewelry and watchmaking
  • Chopard specialized in watchmaking
  • Tag Heuer specialized in watchmaking


In the machine industry the canton of Neuchâtel counts about 66 companies among which:


  • Dixi Machine (Mori Seiki group) specialized in nanometric-machining
  • Rollomatic specialized in grinding machines
  • Esco specialized in highly productive lathes
  • Ismeca specialized in equipment for the semiconductor industry
  • Mikron specialized in the development of manufacturing lines for the automotive, medical and personal markets
  • Pibomulti + Emissa specialized in highly innovative highly productive multi-spindle heads and spindle speed multipliers


In the medical devices industry the canton of Neuchâtel counts about 43 companies among which:


  • Masimo International specialized in pulse Co-Oxymetry, monitoring, brain monitoring
  • Johnson & Johnson with 8 business units:


  1. Depuy Ace specialized in fracture treatment and bone reconstruction
  2. Codman specialized in the treatment of nervous system disorder (implantable medical device)
  3. Codman Neuro Sciences specialized in the treatment of nervous system disorders ("intrathecal" drug delivery pump)
  4. Ethicon specialized in the wound closure, the wound healing and the women's health
  5. Depuy Mitek specialized in internal suture anchors for the treatment of damaged tissues including ligament and tendons
  6. Depuy Spine specialized in innovative solutions for a wide range of spinal diseases
  7. Obtech medical specialized in diagnosis and endoscopic surgical treatment in the areas of gastrointestinal health, gynecology and oncology
  8. Medos CSI specialized in R&D


In the pharmaceutical industry the canton of Neuchâtel counts 12 companies among which:


  • Baxter Bioscience Manufacturing specialized in the intravenous therapy, the treatment of renal insufficiency, hemophilia and immunodeficiency
  • Celgene International specialized in products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune, inflammatory conditions


In the electronic and microelectronic industry the canton of Neuchâtel counts about 30 companies among which:


  • Semtech specialized in integrated circuit systems
  • Cicorel specialized in printed circuits


In the ICT industry the canton of Neuchâtel counts about 18 companies among which:


  • Autodesk specialized in the software development
  • NagraID specialized in electronic components


In the renewable energy industry (Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, geothermal energy, micro-hydro turbines) the canton of Neuchâtel counts about 31 companies among which:


  • Pasan specialized in photovoltaic equipments
  • Syneola specialized in solar energy and wind turbines










IMT – EPFL  http://sti.epfl.ch/page72189.html


The Institute of Microtechnology belongs to the Faculty of Science with the aim to develop education and research in Microtechnology. Part of EPFL since January 2009, IMT laboratories are located on two sites: on the EPFL campus in Lausanne, and in Neuchâtel, in the heart of the Microengineering and Biomedical Industries economic environment.


The canton of Neuchâtel hosts the following laboratories:


Electronics and Signal Processing Laboratory

Integrated Actuators Laboratory

Microsystems for Space Technologies Laboratory

Optics and Photonics Technology Laboratory

Pattern Recognition Laboratory

Photovoltaic and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory


CIFOM, CPLN, CPMB – Federal Diploma www.esne.ch


Biomedical analysis


Company processes

Electrical engineering

Industrial systems

Business computing

Micro techniques

Energy and environment

Building techniques

Data processing


Childhood education




Haute École Arc Ingénierie www.he-arc.ch/hearc/fr/ingenierie/


Includes Micro techniques, Mechanics, Electricity and IT


Haute École Arc Management www.he-arc.ch/hearc/fr/economie/


Management, Economics & Business computing (includes software engineering / design and multimedia; Networks and distributed systems)


Haute École Arts appliqués www.he-arc.ch/hearc/fr/artsappliques/


Applied Arts (Jewellery, conservation-restoration of objects of cultural interest, archaeology, ethnography / conservation-restoration of scientific, technical and clock making objects)


Haute École Santé (Health) www.he-arc.ch/hearc/fr/sante/


Biomedical sciences and technologies, social sciences, sciences of the systems and the communication, sciences of health


Neuchâtel University www2.unine.ch/prospectivestudent


International reputation, especially regarding biology, anthropology and health law, as well as the Economic Research Institute (IRENE) and the Centre for the Understanding of Social Processes (MAPS)



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